Tackle Science's Greatest Challenges with
VR and Blockchain-based Collaboration

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Matryx is the Collaborative Research
& Development Engine of Nanome’s VR toolset


Nano One

The Nanome team builds intuitive virtual reality interfaces that enable
scientists and engineers to design and simulate with nanoscale precision.

Matryx is what allows them to collaborate and reap the fruits of their labor.

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How It Works

1. Submit a problem,
post a bounty

Marshal Aviation requests proposals for a 3D Space craft model. Development bounty: 100,000 MTX

2. Pioneers
& Innovators Respond

First designers/developers/enthusiasts submit their best Spacecraft models.

3. First winners are chosen

Marshal chooses designs that are closest to their expectations and requests further improvements.

4. Peer Review & Improvement

New users take Marshall's favorite designs and 'remix' them. New ideas are added and old ones reused. Every step is validated by the rest of the community.

5. Final Winner is Chosen

Marshall chooses a winner and a smart contract distributes MTX to all contributors and validators.

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