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Matryx is an open database, marketplace, & community for 3D digital assets and crowdsourced science.

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Create, Share, & Discover Through An Open Source & Global Library

Create Through Virtual Reality

Powerful community driven tools allow users to create complex and mathematically driven 3D digital assets and models within a virtual reality interface for use in video games, VR/AR, engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics, 3D Printing, and much more.

Share and Discover on the Platform

Share your creations with the Matryx community or browse through the library. As a decentralized platform, all data is easily accessible around the world.

Discover, Buy, and Sell 3D Digital Assets on the Matryx Marketplace With No Middlemen

Browse the Matryx Marketplace using your favorite device. You can easily buy and sell using the Matryx Token (MTX).


Incentivized Innovation Through Collaborative Competition

The Matryx Bounty Marketplace aims to accelerate innovation and reward all users who contribute. A bounty is simply a challenge posted to the platform with a fair MTX reward for users who contribute to the answer. Any user can post bounties to the Matryx community and any user can participate.

Here’s a simple example of how it can work.


step 1.

Bounty is Posted

Tom needs to get a 3D Spaceship Model built for his virtual reality game so he posts a bounty for it.

step 2.

Design Submitted

Two users on the Matryx platform submit their best 3D Spaceship Models. Tom likes one of the designs more than the other but requests one more round of revisions.

step 3.

Winner is Chosen

Two new users take Tom’s favorite design and “remix” it to create two new designs. Tom chooses one of the new remixed designs. The winner is rewarded with MTX, but so is the creator of the remixed work.

Built by the Team at Nanome

Nanome builds intelligent virtual reality interfaces that enable scientists and engineers to collaborate, design and simulate with nanoscale precision. Our software helps advance research and development in life sciences, materials sciences, and nanoengineering by integrating a hands-on virtual reality interface with cloud computing.

Our Current Products

The Team

Steve McCloskey


Keita Funakawa


Scott Morgan


Edgardo Leija


Vincent Brunet


Adam Simon

Project Development

Kyle Lee



Greg Horowitt

Venture Capitalist, Author, Serial entrepreneur | Board Member

Benjamin Bratton

Professor of Visual Arts at UCSD | Board Member

Jurgen Schulze

Professor of Computer Science at UC San Diego. 18+ year Virtual Reality & Computer Graphics Expert

David Brin

Author, Futurist, Public Speaker

Geoff Odell

CEO at Trusted-HIT | former Novartis VP of Global Operations

Ronald Graham

Inventor of Graham’s Number | Mathematician and Chief Scientist at Cal-(IT)2

Mark Thiemens

Former dean of Physical Sciences at UC San Diego

Paul Puey

CEO & Co-Founder at Airbitz

Silvia Mah

Executive Director of Hera-Labs

Daniel Berard

Former Lead Engineer at Accelrys/Dassault Systemes

Deborah Jude

Communications Officer at Center for Microbiome Innovation at UCSD

John Graham

Lead Engineer of Pacific Research Platform

Bruna Mori

Director of Engagement at The Center for Design and Geopolitics

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